The Anger Project

The Anger Project

The Anger Project investigates the multiplicitous layers of anger and the ways it manifests in the body, researches deeply ingrained and policed societal conformities intended to suppress and control anger and works towards healing these wounds through movement explorations, embodiment activities and conversation. The Anger Project is currently in the research & development phase. 

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"I haven't had many other times where I had the permission, invitation, or encouragement to feel it all, stay there in it, and share what I wanted. It's such a gift to be able to just go right ahead. Even more so to go right ahead and feel safe before, during, and after. With all the friends and family I have, going right ahead hasn't really been an option, so I cant express what a gift this has been."

- Anonymous

"You have such a wonderful presence! It is inviting, gentle, caring, non-judgmental, curious, protective, and kind. Your presence creates a safe container to do this work. This is a big part of what makes this project magical and effective."

- Colette C

"The Anger Project provided a much-needed collective space to explore an emotion that is a universal experience yet one that we all have varied relationships with. Through these sessions, I developed more awareness about anger, trauma, the nervous system, and cultivated ways to tend to and better understand anger."

- Maria Renée Johnson

-What People Are Saying-


Why Focus on Anger?

People are angry. We see this everywhere. From the Me Too movement to Black Lives Matter to individuals protesting Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court. Anger is often pathologized, racialized, gendered, and deemed "unspiritual" and "lowly". However, anger is one of our most revealing and powerful emotions. It tells us something is wrong and it gives us energy to move forward. Suppressing brings resurgence. Avoiding brings anxiety and fear. What happens when we engage?


Within this process is a desire to look at anger like any other emotion, to welcome and celebrate it, to learn and grow from it. We understand that anger often arises as a symptom of deeper traumas and that, when left unacknowledged, manifests within ourselves and our closest circles, recreating cycles of harm. We are dedicated to healing our traumas within safe and supportive community. This means investing in practices that not only welcome challenging conversations but also implement deep listening strategies designed to help us witness and honor the wisdom inherent within our bodies.


Anger is our tipping off point, not an end place. We start with anger, because even when expressed in healthy ways, it is often used against us in order to shame and silence. At the heart of this project is a desire to integrate, even the most severed off, painful and repressed parts of ourselves, so that we have the capacity to be whole. What is buried with, and or stuck to, our anger? Grief. Shame. Pleasure. Fear. Humor. Creativity. Terror. Wonder. Joy. We believe that our most pathologized emotions have the capacity to open us up to our greatest selves. We are committed to creating the time and space to listen.

Research and development support for a portion of this work has been provided by the Arizona Commission on the Arts with funding from the Newton and Betty Rosenzweig Fund for the Arts, an endowment held at the Arizona Community Foundation. Through this public-philanthropic collaboration, the Arts Commission and ACF aim to increase strategic investments in artists, supporting the work they do as innovators and creative contributors to Arizona’s future.